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What is a ductless mini split heating and cooling system?

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In the ever-evolving world of heating, Veneracion, and air conditioning, the mini split system has emerged as a game-changing solution for many homeowners who want something energy-efficient and affordable. The mini split is known as ductless heating and cooling and has significantly gained attention over the years. In this blog, we will break down what a mini split is, how it works, its benefits, and some things to consider before buying this unit for your home. 

What is a Mini Split?

A mini split air conditioner is a type of heating and cooling system that consists of two main components: an outdoor unit and an indoor unit. This system is also called a ductless mini-split or simply a mini-split. 

Unlike additional HVAC systems, mini splits do not rely on ductwork to distribute air throughout the home. Instead, they use a refrigerant line to connect the indoor and outdoor units.

How Does a Mini Split Work?

A mini-split system works similarly to a traditional HVAC system but with some key differences. The system consists of two main components that house all the essential parts for keeping a comfortable atmosphere in the home. Below, we will break down all the main components of the mini-split system and how they work. 

The Components of a Ductless AC and Their Function

Indoor Unit

The inter-unit is commonly referred to as the air handler. It is typically mounted on a wall or ceiling inside the room or zone you want to heat or cold. This unit contains the evaporator coil, a fan, and a filter. When the system is set to cool, the refrigerant inside the evaporator coil absorbs heat from the indoor air. The cool air is then distributed into the room by the fan.

Outdoor unit

The outdoor unit is usually placed outside the building or on a supportive structure. This unit houses the compressor, the condenser coil, and a fan. The compressor is the heart of the entire AC unit. It controls the refrigeration cycle, which treats the air and makes it cool down in temperature. 

Refrigerant Coils

The refrigerant coils are also an essential part of the mini split as they hold the fluid responsible for helping the AC change temperatures inside your home as needed. The refrigerant undergoes phase changes from a low-pressure gas to a high-pressure liquid and back to a low-pressure gas, absorbing and releasing heat. 

Zone Control

One of the best parts of the mini-split systems is that you can customize temperature control in each room where it is installed. Multiple indoor units can be connected to a single outdoor unit but work independently. This means you can set different room temperatures, optimizing comfort and efficiency. 


The thermostat is in charge of regulating temperatures and signaling the ductless AC to kick on when the temperatures fall outside the preset temperature. 

Benefits of Ductless AC 

Ductless air conditioning systems have been gradually increasing in popularity due to their efficiency, ease of installation, and personalized comfort. These key advantages make ductless AC units an attractive option for many homeowners. 

Energy Efficiency

Ductless AC systems are known for their energy efficiency. Traditional ducted systems can experience energy losses through leaks and poorly insulated ducts, but ductless systems eliminate this problem. As a result, utility bills and the overall environmental impact of this AC are reduced significantly. 

Easy Installation 

Ductless AC units are much easier to install than central AC systems. They do not depend on ductwork, which simplifies the ductless installation and makes it much quicker. Additionally, a single outdoor unit can support multiple indoor units, providing zone control for different home areas. 

Personalized Comfort

As we stated earlier, multi-split systems allow for personalized comfort because each indoor unit can be placed in a separate room and operated with individual temperature settings.  This feature enhances comfort and allows for energy conservation in areas where cooling or heating isn’t needed. 

Things to Consider Before Buying a Ductless AC System

There are several factors one must think about before buying a ductless mini split unit for their home. These factors include the following: 

Sizing and Capacity

The ductless AC unit you choose must be appropriately sized for your home. An improperly sized unit will lead to inefficiency and discomfort. 

Number of Zones

Determine how many zones or rooms you want air conditioning installed in. Understanding the zoning needs of your home will help you determine the best possible setup for your home. 

Energy Efficiency Ratings

Look for AC units with higher SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) and HSPF (heating seasonal performance factor) ratings. Higher ratings indicate better energy efficiency, leading to lower utility bills. 

Installation Requirements

It is also essential to consider the installation requirements, especially if you plan to install the AC yourself. While mini-split systems are easier to install, it is fundamental to choose the right location for your unit to ensure optimal airflow. 

As you shop for your mini split system, keep in mind these important factors as well: 

  • Brand reputations of the units you want to buy
  • Heating capability to keep you warm when the temperatures drop
  • Noise levels and what you’re able to tolerate 
  • Warranty and support from the manufacturer or the HVAC installation technician
  • Budget constraints for the purchase, installation, and long-term costs like energy bills and ductless maintenance needs.

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