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In northern King County and northeast of Seattle is Woodinville, WA. Traditionally a bedroom community Woodinville, WA often includes villages of Cottage Lake and Maltby. Since 1983 we have been providing high-quality installation, maintenance and repair of heating and cooling systems for Woodinville, WA business and homeowners.

We are licensed and insured to do business in Woodinville, WA for both building contracting (plumbing and mechanical work, and electrical work:

General Contracting License: CMHEAI*095R4

Electrical License: CMHEAMH877DN

Permitting is required in Woodinville, WA for most system heating, cooling, or plumbing replacements. We work closely with the City of Woodinville for these types of systems. Get information on City or Woodinville, WA permitting and inspections permitting.

CM Heating has earned the best possible rating of A+ from the Better Business Bureau. BBB has complied comments about our work in Woodinville, WA and surrounding towns and you can view this information by clicking here

We specialize in providing installation and service of conventional heating and air conditioning, heat pumps, mini-split heat pumps, and heart products to Woodinville, WA residents.

 Furnaces & AC from American Standard

Over the years the most common heating and cooling system are ducted gas furnaces combined with split air conditioning. CM heating specializing in the service, maintenance, and replacement of natural gas-fired split systems.

Our local natural gas supplier in Woodinville, WA is Puget Sound Energy (PSE). PSE offers terrific incentives for the installation of very high-efficiency gas furnaces with efficiencies of 95% AFUE or higher. American Standard offers over 30 models that have efficiencies equal to or higher than this threshold.

For more information about PSE product rebates click here

CM Heating provides repair and tune-ups for all makes and models of furnaces.

For new installations, we feature American Standard Heating & AC equipment. Widely recognized as a leader in the design and manufacture of high-quality systems, American Standard is a great choice for our Woodinville, WA customers.

With our temperate climate, it does not get really hot in Woodinville, WA very often. Air conditioning not only keeps you cool but can also dry out humid air and keeps you comfortable by filtering out pollen, dust, and mold. Our air conditioning techs are EPA certified and factory-trained. At CM Heating, we stress the details and you should consider them when choosing HVAC equipment in Woodinville, WA. We make sure that your AC system is properly sized and properly installed with tight duct systems.

If you are considering a new central air conditioning system for your home or business call us. If you need repair or maintenance on your existing system, regardless of brand, we can help. Our AC service vans are fully stocked and we will be able to you your system back into top shape quickly.

In decades past heat pumps had the reputation that they were not effective when it gets cold outside. That’s certainly not true today! Heat pumps are a perfect choice for both residential and commercial applications in Woodinville. They offer very low operating costs, are affordable to install, and are really comfortable to live with.

In fact, both Snohomish PUD, and PSE, which are our local power companies, offer terrific incentives to install an air source heat pump in your home or business.

To learn more about rebates and incentives for Snohomish PUD customers click here, for PSE ductless customers click here, and here for PSE central heat pump customers.

Mini Splits Heat Pumps

Mini-split heat pumps have been used around the world for a long time, and in recent years have become very popular here in Woodinville, WA. They are flexible, with a number of indoor unit configurations and system capacities, and they have unparalleled efficiencies. And you can zone mini-splits so that you only condition the parts of your home or business that you’re using now.

We feature Mitsubishi Mini-Split Systems. At CM Heating we believe that working with the largest and most technologically advanced line is your best choice. To learn more about mini-split technology click here.

Central Heat Pumps

The other heat pump technology we offer is central ducted systems. Led by the American Standard AccuComfort Platinum heat pump system, we have a central system that is right for you and your budget.

With our long term track record, we are uniquely qualified heat pump specialists. With our EPA certified techs and fully stocked service vans, we can help you with your heat pump regardless of brand.

CM Heating installs American Standard heat pump, and provides repair and maintenance for all makes and models of heat pumps.

Hearth Products

Gas fired hearth products are also a specialty of CM Heating for Woodinville, WA homeowners. While their technology is so simple that they don’t even require power to operate, our gas stoves inserts offer both beauty and security by providing heat even during a power outage. With lines like Valor, HeatnGlow and Napolean CM Heating offers gorgeous installations and a wide variety of configurations that will complement any decor.

If you have an existing gas-fired hearth system and want expert service for either repair or annual cleaning we are your choice.

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