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Just north and across the Snohomish River from our home in Everett is Marysville, W. Since 1983 Marysville is home to many of our employees and we work there almost every day providing comprehensive heating and air conditioning services to businesses and homeowners.

Year-Round Comfort

At CM Heating we have installed and serviced a lot of heat pumps in Marysville, WA. We use two basic types.
If green energy or climate change is an issue that you are concerned with, Marysville, WA, and Snohomish County in general is a fantastic place to live. Because electricity provided by Snohomish PUD is both affordable, and also 98% carbon free.

Marysville, WA residents have terrific access to climate friendly choices while also making very affordable choices to meet heating and cooling needs.

Snohomish PUD derives more than 80% of their power from hydroelectric projects in the Columbia River basin. Added to that are 17% capacity from wind and PUD Hydro, the power we use is almost complete free for emissions that are thought to accelerate climate change.
Heat pumps are refrigeration based systems that efficiently move thermal energy, rather than creating it with the consumption of a fuel like natural gas. During the summer months, heat is removed from inside your home and expelled outside.
During the winter months a heat pump efficient extracts thermal energy available even in cold outdoor winter air, concentrates it, and utilizes it for warm comfortable space heating.

In addition, Snohomish PUD supports your use of high-efficiency heat pumps with attractive rebates that will help you pay for a new, more efficient green energy system.

AC Services

Ductless Mini-Splits

For our other heat pump technology we rely on Mitsubishi mini-split heat pumps. We provide installationmaintenance, and repair services. They are the industry leader and they have proven performance right here on the Puget Sound. They are flexible, with a number of indoor unit configurations and system capacities. And you can zone mini-splits so that you only condition the parts of your Marysville, WA home or business that your using now.
To properly service mini-split heat pumps you have to have proper training and the right parts and tools. Our factory training EPA certified service technicians have the training to ensure that you get the most from your mini-split heat pump. If you have a service issue we can help regardless of brand.

Central Heat Pumps

First, we utilize central ducted heat pump systems. These heat pumps have an outdoor unit, and an indoor coil connected to an air handler or furnace, which utilized ductwork to distribute heat throughout your home or business. While many brands offer good heat pump technology, we feature American Standard HVAC equipment.

American Standard offers a wide range of heat pump efficiencies and features, but we feature the AccuComfort Platinum system with heating efficiencies (HSPF) of up to 10.0.

If you have an existing heat pump (and we service all brands), our EPA certified service technicians have the know-how to diagnose your system, and the parts that are likely needed to complete your system repair and get it back up and running fast. CM Heating also provides preventative maintenance plans for your heat pump – joi ntoday and enjoy peace-of-mind.

American Standard Furnaces & AC

The other efficient choice for heating your home or business in Marysville, WA gas furnaces. We feature American Standard furnaces for installations and provide tune-ups and repair for all makes and models. Traditionally, and still today, ducted gas furnaces are widely used to keep Maysville comfortable throughout our long winters. American Standard offers a wide range of furnace configurations and efficiencies, and we have over 60 furnace models that qualify for attractive efficiency incentives in from our local natural gas supplier Puget Sound Energy.

Learn more about Puget Sound Energy rebates in Marysville, WA. Click here to see what furnaces are eligible for rabes.

If your utilizing a ducted gas furnace you also should consider a American Standard central air conditioner. Because of our proximity to Puget Sound, it does not get super hot in Marysville, WA. However on those summer days when the temperature creeps up into the 80’s an efficient AC system is key for your home or business.

It not only keeps you cool, but can also dry out that humid air and keep you comfortable by filtering out pollen, dust and mold.

Our air conditioning techs are EPA certified. At CM Heating, we stress the details. There are particular details that your should consider when considering HVAC equipment in Marysville, WA. The salt air and our unique climate offer challenges to long equipment life. We make sure that your AC system is properly sized and properly installed with good tight duct systems. We feature American Standard air conditioning, which is an industry leader in technology and reliability.
If you are considering a new central air conditioning system for your home or business call us. If you need service on your existing system, regardless of brand, we can take care of any repair or planned maintenance. Our AC service vans are fully stocked and we will be able to you you system back into top shape quickly.
We have been a proud member of the Better Business Bureau since 2002. Because of our long and exemplary service to Marysville, WA and the surrounding area we have earned the best possible rating of A+.
We also work closely with the City of Marysville when permitting is required for the installation of new equipment or electrical work. For information on City or Marysville, WA permitting click here.

Permitting, Licensing and Insurance: We are licensed and insured to do business in Marysville:

General Contracting License: CMHEAI*095R4

Electrical License: CMHEAMH877DN

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