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Here Are The Most Common Problems with Air Handlers

CM Heating - Here Are The Most Common Problems with Air Handlers

The air conditioning system in our homes is complex, with various parts and processes that are difficult to understand unless you are an expert yourself and HVAC services in Marysville. whether you are a new homeowner or are just looking to educate yourself on your heating unit, you’ve come to the right place to do so. 

At CM Heating, we pride ourselves on educating our fellow residents on all things related to heating and air conditioning. Here, we will define air handlers and explain what they are and the possible problems associated with them. 

Air Handlers Defined

Most air conditioners are composed of two units. One of the units is called the condenser and is placed outside of the home. The condenser is connected to the indoor unit of the air conditioning system, which is called an air handler.

In Washington, most homeowners opt for the mini split ductless AC units to cool their homes. With the mini-split system, identifying the air handler is relatively easy. In fact, you can probably tell where it is because it is normally a rectangular box that is attached to the side of your wall. 

This device is magical when it is hot outside as it offers a reprieve from the heat; during the winter, it offers a warm shelter from the frigid Washington winters. However, because of their comfort, they tend to develop various issues requiring HVAC services in Marysville. Such issues are described below. 

Dirty Filters

One of the first issues that will slow down the work of the air handler inside. Your home is a dirty air filter. Air filters carry the important role of cleaning the air before releasing it into your room. overtime, these air filters become very dirty as they collect a lot of dust, debris, and other particles. The dirtier the air filter, the worse your AC or heating system will run. Dirty air filters decrease the efficiency of your HVAC unit and will eventually necessitate repairs from an HVAC service tech in Marysville.

Leaking Fluid

Whether you use a central AC system or the mini split duck list unit, a fluid leak is very possible to come across as the unit ages. This fluid is condensate or refrigerant fluid. Condensate fluid is the excess condensation that is emptied out into a special pan below the air handler. Refrigerant fluid is what runs through the coils to cool off the hot air in the summer. Sometimes those coils develop a problem where they let the refrigerant fluid out. 

Both types of fluid leaks must be addressed as soon as possible. Refrigerant fluid is extremely toxic and can cause significant problems for those who are exposed to it. The condensate fluid isn’t as toxic; it can cause other issues, such as damage to the surrounding structures. 

Both fluids can result in mold development, which is very hazardous to a person’s health. therefore, if you notice fluid leaking out of your air handler, we highly recommend a phone call to the HVAC services in Marysville, WA. 

Failed Blower Motor

Inside the air handler is a blower motor. This blower motor is essential to the HVAC system because it pushes the cold or hot air out into the home. If the blower motor fails, your heating unit may continue running without contributing any benefit. As a result, the unit’s efficiency levels will increase, and an HVAC service repair in Marysville will most likely have to occur.

A failed blower motor is a common problem with the HVAC unit. Read our blog to learn about 10 other common AC problems

HVAC Services in Marysville, WA

Have you noticed any of the described issues above in your HVAC unit? If so, do not hesitate to contact CM Heating today! 

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