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Helping You Stay Prepared for a Power Outage and Other Emergency Situations

Extreme weather conditions and other external factors that lead to a power outage in your home can quickly put the house in disarray. This is especially true for those who do not have the benefit of a standby generator that can keep their appliances and energy flowing through their home.

Food can go bad quickly and those who depend on electricity to keep their medical equipment running will be put at a great disadvantage. Stay prepared by investing in the installation of our top of the line home standby generators from the most respected brands in the business.

Why Invest in Backup Power Generators?

There are many indisputable benefits of installing a home generator on your property. Washington State frequently has bad weather that can affect your ability to access a reliable source of power. Working with CM Heating to install a standby generator in your home will help you accomplish the following benefits:

Trust CM Heating for Your Standby Generator Installation

Nobody is better for the job of installing your new home generator than the team of skilled and knowledgeable electricians at CM Heating. We will provide prompt and thorough service, ensuring that you get the best generator to suit your home’s needs.

Get in touch with us today to learn about the standby generator options available to you.

Leading Manufacturers of Standby Generators Available to You

The electrician who will walk you through the installation project will help you choose the exact manufacturer and size of generator right for your home. Do not hesitate to trust us with your backup power needs.


Fuel Supply


Power Capacity



Get Started With CM Heating Today!

Is your home prepared with the necessary backup power for those emergency outages? Get in touch with CM Heating electricians today to learn about the options available to you. With the team from CM Heating, you will find the backup power reliability, and peace of mind you deserve.

FAQ: Backup Power Standby Generators

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