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Fireplace installation

Living in the often-chilly regions of Washington state, gas fireplaces are handy for keeping us warm and cozy on colder days. When you need a professional technician to get your gas fireplace serviced, you can rely on the premium service at CM Heating. From installation, and inspections, to repairs, we have all the solutions you need to keep your fireplace going. What’s even better? We will deliver our services at a value you can count on, allowing you to save money and time!

Types of Gas Fireplaces We Service

At CM Heating, no gas fireplace is a stranger to us! Our team of technicians is highly trained and seasoned in ensuring the safety and comfort of your home, servicing the following fireplaces: 

  • Vented Gas Fireplaces
  • Ventless or Vent-Free Gas Fireplaces
  • Gas Fireplace Inserts
  • Freestanding Gas Stoves 
  • Gas Log Sets
  • Linear or Contemporary Gas Fireplaces
  • Outdoor Gas Fireplaces
  • Double-Sided Gas Fireplaces
  • Multi-Sided Gas Fireplaces

Whether you need an inspection, regular cleaning, gas fireplace repair, total replacement, or installation, we’ve got you covered! Call us today for professional maintenance and repairs!

Premium Gas Fireplace Service You Can Count On!

CM Heating provides a full range of services for all types of gas fireplaces. When you’re in a pinch, you can always place that service call with us and receive first-class services at every interaction.

Gas Fireplace Repair

We are the go-to team of professionals for all things relating to gas fireplace repair. After decades in the industry, most repairs are now second nature to us and we gladly jump into action to determine the underlying cause and provide a lasting solution.

Types of Gas Fireplace Repairs

Gas Fireplace Installation

When it is time to replace or install a brand new gas fireplace in the home, CM Heating has just the technicians for you to turn to for quality work at a reasonable cost. Our installation work is always in alignment with the industry standards and building codes for the safety and effectiveness of the fireplace. When CM Heating is on your side for the fireplace installation project, you can expect the following: 

  • Budget-friendly services & options
  • Assistance in choosing a gas fireplace that meets your home’s needs 
  • Professional fireplace inspection, removal, and installation 
  • Safety measures used as our top priority
  • Satisfaction guaranteed

Gas Fireplace Maintenance & Tune-Up

If you want your gas fireplace to last for many years to come and operate at optimal safety levels, we highly recommend regular maintenance and tune-up services. During this service, we test and inspect every part of the fireplace and chimney (if applicable). We also provide personalized recommendations for anything that needs to be fixed or replaced. We recommend this service biannually, before and after the cold, winter season.

Call CM Heating Today!

How’s your gas fireplace doing these days? Does it need a repair or maintenance cleaning? Do not hesitate to reach out to the best fireplace technicians in the area at CM Heating. We will always deliver a complete repair, inspection, tune-up, or installation at a quality and value you will appreciate. Call us now!

FAQ: Gas Fireplaces

Should gas fireplaces be serviced regularly?

Yes, gas fireplaces should be serviced regularly. Regular maintenance ensures optimal performance, safety, and longevity of the appliance. Professional servicing includes cleaning components, inspecting for wear, checking safety features, and addressing potential issues. Regular maintenance also helps prevent gas leaks, ensures efficient combustion, and provides peace of mind for homeowners. It is recommended to schedule annual gas fireplace servicing to keep the unit in top condition and avoid potential hazards.

How long do gas fireplaces last?

Gas fireplaces typically last around 15 to 20 years with proper maintenance. The lifespan may vary based on usage, maintenance, and the specific model. Regular servicing and timely repairs can extend the longevity of a gas fireplace.

How do I know that it is time to replace a gas fireplace?

Consider replacing a gas fireplace if it shows persistent issues, such as frequent malfunctions, inefficient heating, or gas leaks. Signs like a damaged burner, corroded components, or an outdated design may indicate the need for an upgrade. If repair costs become excessive, or if the unit is nearing its expected lifespan, replacement might be more economical.

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An AC tune-up involves a check of every part of your air conditioning system. When performed regularly, it lets us spot small changes such as loose parts and wear and tear. Small adjustments and repairs allow your AC to run more smoothly. Maintenance may be required by your warranty, which helps cover expenses when the system does need to be repaired.