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Your furnace is the work-horse of your home through the Everett, WA winter – keeping you and your family comfortable no matter the weather. Your local furnace specialists at CM Heating TMare here to make sure it stays that way with expert furnace repair services.

No matter how efficient your furnace is, it will eventually need repairs just like your car. When your furnace seems off or isn’t heating correctly call CM Heating TM to solve your issue the first time.

We will schedule your repair and take care of your furnace issue professionally & promptly. Get in touch with us to get your home comfortable again.

Furnace Repair in Greater Everett, WA Area

Save Money? Check These Things Before You Call

Several times during each cold snap, our service tech arrives on a heat call only to find that the problem was a simple one that could have been resolved by the owner. Typical simple issues include:

Thermostat improperly set: Make sure your thermostat is “ON”, is set to “HEAT”, and the desired room temperature is set higher than the current ambient temperature.
No power to the heating system: Check you circuit breaker panel to ensure that your heating system breaker is “ON”.
Emergency furnace switch off: Make sure your “FURNACE SWITCH” is set to “ON”. This switch is typically a traditional toggle switch that may have a RED cover-plate.
Dirty filters: Change your furnace filter and re-start your furnace.
After checking these items, if your Furnace System is still not running properly call us day or night and we’ll dispatch a service tech to help!


Selecting the Best Heater Repair Contractor

If you aren’t able to resolve your furnace issues, it’s important to find a reputable company to complete any repairs. CM Heating has more than three decades of experience keeping homeowners in Everett warm and safe.

Top Reasons for Furnace Repair in Everett, WA

Furnaces break down for a variety of reasons. Some of them are avoidable. When homeowners learn the most common causes of furnace malfunction, they can save money on future heating repair bills.

Lack of Regular Maintenance

This is one of the major causes of home heating system problems. When your heater warms your home as it should, it’s easy to think that everything is okay. Furnace repair is the last thing from your mind. Unfortunately, while you can’t see anything going wrong, your filter could become clogged, and various parts begin to wear down.

Routine maintenance can genuinely make your furnace last longer. It also increases its efficiency, and that can lead to lower heating bills. Schedule an annual maintenance appointment with CM Heating to avoid surprise furnace repair bills.

Thermostat Calibration Issues

Over time, your thermostat can go out of calibration. An HVAC technician can fix that quickly. They can also replace an old, outdated thermostat with a digital one. On that note, many homeowners in Everett have decided to upgrade to smart thermostats to get even more control over their home HVAC systems. Our team is happy to calibrate your thermostat or install a new one that meets your needs.

Pilot Light and Burner Malfunctioning

Clogged or leaking gas lines or a failed pilot light regulator can cause your furnace to stop working. That can also lead to a hazardous situation in your home. If this happens, call your utility company and an HVAC technician. 

Additionally, the burners in your gas furnace can become contaminated with dirt, soot, dust, and condensation. If you notice orange flames instead of blue ones, this is probably the case.

Ductwork Problems

Your ductwork delivers warm air to the rooms in your home. If your ductwork becomes disconnected, leaks, or is simply poorly designed, your furnace won’t work efficiently. Additionally, if your ducts are full of grime and dust, that can impact the air quality in your home in Everett, WA.

Mechanical Breakdown

Your furnace has several parts that can simply wear down over time. Parts such as the fan, blower motor, and limiter switch can break from regular use. These will need to be repaired or replaced by a CM Heater expert.

Signs You Need Heating Repair Services in Everett

Of course, you don’t need to specialize in gas or electric furnace repair to recognize some of the more common signs of trouble. If you notice any of the following, it’s time to call an expert:

  • Unusual or loud noises from furnace or vents
  • Burning chemical or gas odors
  • Fan won’t kick on or turn off
  • Leaking around the furnace
  • High energy bills
  • Furnace drains electricity or trips breaker switches
  • CO detectors are activated
  • Weak airflow
  • Air through vents isn’t warm enough

When was the last time you had your heater inspected? Even if nothing appears to be wrong right now, it may be a good idea to set up an appointment for a routine maintenance appointment.

Should You Call an Expert for Heater Repair?

Although homeowners can do a few things themselves, most repairs are best left to professionals like CM Heating. For example, any repair involving gas lines or valves should NOT be done by anyone without experience, no matter how handy that person is. Also, consider your warranty. Many manufacturers require that qualified, certified technicians make repairs. You may not want to make a repair that could void your warranty.

Benefits of CM Heating Repair Services

CM Heating offers expert services from experienced technicians trained in electric and gas furnace repair. We provide 24-hour emergency service, competitive pricing, and your satisfaction is guaranteed. Our experts are qualified to work on any gas or electric furnace repair job in Everett, WA. We’re familiar with systems from all major manufacturers.

Home Furnace Repair from a Trusted Everett Contractor

Remember that if you are uncomfortable performing any repair, an HVAC technician CM Heating will be happy to help.