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As the weather changes in Shoreline, WA, the needs of your home change, too. One day you could be running your AC, while the next you could be facing a cold front and a heavy drizzle. Having a system that can do both is invaluable and will keep you ahead of the weather. A heat pump is a perfect solution for many homes in Shoreline because of its efficiency and versatility. When you want to talk to someone about whether a heat pump installation is a good choice for your home, you can contact CM Heating™.

Heat Pump Installation in Shoreline, WA

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Heat Pump Installation Services in Shoreline, WA

We think that every home deserves customized heating and cooling. We don’t just have cookie-cutter solutions for everyone. We take the time to look at your situation, ask you questions about your heating and cooling needs, and then suggest a few options that will fit. We also want to make sure that every installation is done the right way. When you need a heat pump installed, we guarantee a quality result.

What Is a Heat Pump and Is it Right for You?

If you have ever learned how an air conditioner works, you’ll already know a lot about a heat pump. Heat pumps are systems that work the same way as air conditioners but can both heat and cool your home. During the winter, refrigerant collects heat from the air outside and then transfers it inside, pumping it into your home. In the summer, the process is reversed and the heat from your home is transferred outside.
Heat pumps save a lot of energy because they don’t have to create heat to warm your home, they simply transfer it. They work incredibly well in most climates, and they are a good solution for homes in Shoreline. A heat pump may be right for you if you want to save energy and have an all-in-one system that works year-round.

Choosing a Heat Pump for Your Home

Once you decide that a heat pump is right for you, we have some great choices for you! We will look at the size of your home and ask about any unique needs that you have. Some units, like the AccuComfort™ Platinum 19 Low Profile Heat Pump are smaller and quieter. Others are more efficient or have a better value. We never oversell because our goal is for you to get exactly what you need for your home.
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Our Installation Process at CM Heating™

Scheduling a heat pump replacement or installation with us is easy. When you’re on our website, you can fill out a form and we’ll get back to you right away. You can also call and talk to one of our friendly team members. We have flexible scheduling so we’ll always be able to find a time that works for you. We offer free estimates so you can know ahead of time what to expect. Remember to ask us about our financing options and available rebates.
Our focus is on doing the HVAC installation right. A lot of companies rush through the installation and then the homeowner is left with problems. We want you to enjoy efficient heating and cooling from day one without any hassle.

After Your Heat Pump Installation

After you get your heat pump installed, you’ll have the best support in the area for anything that goes wrong. We offer outstanding warranties for all of our HVAC installations. We are also here to take care of your yearly maintenance and eventual repair needs. We are your source for heat pump installation, repair, and tune-ups in Shoreline, WA.

Trusting Us for Your Heat Pump Installation

It takes care and attention to detail to be able to install heat pumps correctly. When we come for a heat pump installation, we are meticulous about the process. From insulating the piping to inspecting and sealing your ductwork, we will make sure your system is efficient and safe for your family.
Each of our technicians is EPA certified to give you peace of mind. They are also courteous and respectful of your home. We always protect your home during the installation and clean up our mess.
When you need a heat pump replacement or installation, choosing the right HVAC technician can ensure the efficiency and longevity of your system. With positive reviews from many different families in Shoreline and the surrounding areas, we are a solid choice for any services that you need. Contact CM Heating™ today to set up your appointment.
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