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Heat Pump Installation
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Heat Pump Installation in Everett, WA

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Heat Pump Installation

in Everett, WA

Affordable AC Repair
Expert Heat Pump Installation in Everett, WA

If you’re looking for skilled heat pump installation in Everett, WA, there’s no beating CM Heating. With over 40 years of experience, our award-winning team is ready to make you warm and toasty fast.

We’re here to help with both standard heat pump and ductless heat pump installation. At CM Heating, we have the heating and air conditioning professionals you need to find the right system for your living space. Of course, we’ll also install it accurately and efficiently.

Heat Pump Installation in Everett, WA
Safe and Skilled Heat Pump Installation

At CM Heating, we’re experts at finding the right heat pump for you and installing the system. Our American Standard Brands heat pumps offer high efficiency. So do our mini-split heat ductless heat pumps, such as the systems we offer from Mitsubishi.

And we focus on making sure your refrigeration piping is insulated, and your ductwork sealed perfectly. We get your installation just right the first time.

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Heat Pump Repair in Everett, WA

If your heat pump is down and out一which means your central heating is, too一then call us at CM Heating. Our staff is EPA-trained to handle every major brand, so contact us to diagnose and fix any of the following circumstances or malfunctions:
And we keep our trucks well stocked with every part we might need to get your system operating at full capacity. We carry everything on our service trucks, from outdoor fans to capacitors, contactors, transformers, and indoor blowers. We also load our trucks with parts for air filtration, air handler controls, and so much more.
So, whether you need heat pump installation or repair in Everett, WA, just give us a call.

Keep Your Pump Pumpin’

If you want to prevent costly heat pump repairs and increase the lifespan of your pump, regular maintenance and service are essential. And at CM Heating in Everett, WA, we’re here to keep your heat pump in great shape.
We even offer an Energy Savings Agreement. Enrollees get priority treatment whenever they need service. Should you need any repairs under this agreement, you’ll get a 15% discount.
We offer annual routine maintenance from our pro HVAC technicians. If you use your heat pump all the time instead of an external pump system, we recommend you schedule these check-ups twice a year.
Why? So your pump keeps on pumping efficiently, which means it keeps your home warm or cool when you want it to be. An efficient pump is also one that operates at peak energy efficiency, saving you 10 to 25% on your energy bill.
We’ll check for damage to your ducts, filters, or wires. We’ll also check for any evidence of leakage in your house’s ducts or other areas.
And we’ll also:
Remember, when you have a heat pump tune-up like ours at CM Heating, you’ll avoid expensive repairs. You’ll also extend the lifespan of your pump!
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Heat Pump Installation in Everett, WA

So How Long Can Your Heat Pump Last?

If you’re wondering just when it’s time for a new heat pump installation, the answer depends on a few factors, such as:
In general, properly installed heat pumps last an average of 15 years when kept in good shape. And that’s easy to do with a call to CM Heating!
We can help you extend the life of your heat pump even longer by:
And remember, when you need help, call on a pro. Poorly done work only means larger problems down the line.

Expert Heat Pump Repair and Heat Pump Installation in Everett, WA, with CM Heating

Whether you need routine maintenance, skilled repair, or new heat pump installation, you can count on CM Heating. We’ll be there to keep your home energy efficient, warm (when the weather is cold), and cool (when the weather is hot). Call us today!
CM Heating is your local residential air conditioning service specialist. Get in touch with us today to schedule the AC system services. We are ready to help you with your:
Tune-Ups & Maintenance
Scheduled & Emergency Repair
Replacement & New Installation

If your air conditioning system is acting up or needs to be replaced, call CM Heating today! We can often take care of a repair in a single day and even get your installation started the next!

We are your greater Everett, WA area AC experts. Schedule with us and have the peace-of-mind that your home will be comfortable again.

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