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The Role of Air Filters in AC Repair and Optimal Summer Performance

The Role of Air Filters in AC Repair and Optimal Summer Performance

The air conditioning system is a complex unit of mechanical parts and electrical components that make the cooling and heating of our homes possible. We already discussed the many common parts of the air conditioning system on the blog, but today, we want to give attention to air filters. 

After all, without them, we would be stuck with poor indoor air quality and a malfunctioning air conditioner. In this blog, we will outline the key functions of air filters of HVAC systems in Bellingham, WA, and provide some best practices regarding their use and maintenance. 

What is the Function of Air Filters?

Air filters have four functions that ensure our home is both clean and comfortable. These functions include: 

Filtering Contaminants 

Air filters are responsible for removing airborne particles like dust, pollen, pet dander, and other pollutants from the air that is circulated by the HVAC system. Air filters are designed to trap these contaminants and prevent them from entering your home, thereby improving and maintaining indoor air quality. 

Protecting AC Components

Air filters also protect the many components of the HVAC system in Bellingham, WA. It wouldn’t do to have all those outdoor particles and contaminants land on the evaporator coils, blower fan, and motor. That will lead to poor efficiency of the AC unit and frequent breakdowns. 

Maintaining Energy Efficiency

A clean air filter allows for proper airflow throughout the AC system. When the filter is dirty or clogged, it obstructs the airflow, forcing the AC system to work harder to circulate air. This increased workload leads to higher energy consumption, reduced cooling capacity, and potential overheating of the system. By regularly replacing or cleaning the air filter, you can help maintain optimal energy efficiency.

Extending the System’s Lifespan

Because of the protection air filters provide, they help the AC maintain its optimal condition and energy efficiency levels. Thus, you won’t need to have an early replacement or many repairs. Good air filters will always equate to a happy air conditioning system. 

Best Practices for Air Filters

Because air filters are so important to the HVAC units in Bellingham, WA, best practices must be followed when using them. Below are our recommendations that many HVAC techs will emphasize. 

Do a Regular Filter Inspection

First and foremost, make it a regular practice to check your air filters and assess their condition. A dirty air filter leads to many problems with the AC and your home will not be as comfortable. If it is too dirty, it may be time to change it. During the summer months, do your best to check your air filter at least once a month. 

Change the Filters Regularly

Speaking of changing air filters, make sure you change or clean air filters at home every 1 to 3 months. The frequency of changing your air filters depends on the type of filter, the environment they are in, and your AC usage habits. Consult the instructions from the manufacturer of the filter or contact an HVAC tech for specific advice. 

Choose the Right Filter

Choose higher-quality air filters that work well with your AC system. Your HVAC tech is a great resource and will be able to provide you with the filter options that will work best in your home. Each air filter has different levels of filtration efficiency and the one you choose will depend on your specific air quality needs. 

Schedule Regular Maintenance 

Lastly, schedule a regular maintenance check of your entire AC system at least once a year. This service will ensure that your entire AC, including the air filters, is functioning properly. The technician will be able to provide a thorough cleaning of the filter or a replacement, depending on what they deem necessary at the time. Regular maintenance will ensure that you are breathing clean air and getting the most out of your AC unit. 

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