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What Is an AC Tune Up?

What Is An AC Tune Up? | CM Heating | Everett, WA

You may have heard of a tune up for your car, but did you know that air conditioners also need to be regularly tuned up to keep them working at peak performance? As with anything expensive, air conditioning systems require professional care like regular AC tune ups to keep them working for many years.

Many people who own an AC only call their HVAC technician when something has gone wrong. But you can save yourself a lot of trouble (and money, too!) by being proactive and investing in yearly tune ups.

What is an AC Tune Up?

When you need a repair, someone will come to your house, find the problem that’s keeping your AC from working, and then fix that specific issue. A tune-up is different from this service because it helps keep the entire HVAC system in tip top shape. It is done every year, even when there are no noticeable problems.

What To Expect During an Air Conditioning Tune Up

During annual tune-ups, the technician will check the whole system, carrying out these vital tasks:

  • Checking and ensuring that there are adequate refrigerant levels for efficient heating and cooling.
  • Calibrating the thermostat to ensure it regulates the temperatures appropriately for optimal energy efficiency levels.
  • Inspecting and adjusting electrical connections, as needed.
  • Checking and adjusting belts and pulleys.
  • Checking and adjusting the blower motor, as needed.

Why Tune Up the Heating and Cooling System?

Annual tune ups are indeed another thing that you’ve got to put on your checklist for the year. When you’ve got other things to think about like dentist appointments and car repairs, even one more thing can seem like a lot. Compare that to how you’ll feel if your air conditioner breaks down during a hot summer season, leaving you to suffer while you wait for HVAC professionals to arrive with repairs.

Annual maintenance and tune ups are always worth the trouble because you’ll get a lot back for a small effort. Here are just a few of the ways that getting an HVAC tune up will benefit you over your AC’s lifespan. 

Keep Your Energy Bills to a Minimum

Sometimes, problems can sneak up on you. Your AC won’t always break down in one day, instantly leaving you without cooling. Instead, the only hints may be slightly warmer air coming from the vents, weaker air pressure, and rising energy costs. When the system is having to push through buildup or parts that are wearing out, it will have a hard time keeping up with the temperature on the thermostat, even when it runs for hours. 

Get the Most Out of Your Air Conditioning

Any air conditioning system is a complex mechanical and electrical operation that requires care. The key to making your HVAC system last long through the hot summer months for many years to come is to simply maintain it.

The assessment of the full heating and cooling system conducted by a qualified HVAC technician will provide an opportunity to find repairs early before they grow into bigger problems. The fewer issues there are, the higher the chance there is that your air conditioner will be working properly during the cooling season year after year.

Reduce the Cost and Complexity of AC Unit Repairs

Paying the AC tune up cost is a lot like thanking your HVAC equipment for serving you all year long. Regular maintenance will ensure that your air filter is clean and the blower motor is working properly to keep your home comfortable. You will avoid having to call an air conditioning technician for repairs during a heat wave and paying expensive repair bills.

When you skip a tune up, you miss the chance to properly maintain your air conditioning unit which will eventually break down. Poorly maintained air conditioning units seem to always have the most extensive wear and tear and more problems than expected.

Protect Your Air Conditioning Warranty

It can be a nasty shock if you are expecting your HVAC system to still be under warranty, but you are told the repair isn’t covered because you didn’t schedule an annual AC service. You can usually find that clause in the fine print of your warranty so read it carefully to see what kind of routine maintenance you need to invest in for your HVAC systems. 

In general, we recommend scheduling your AC tune up at least once a year to ensure comfortable air conditioning performance. You will consistently get the cool air during the hot summer season, and the warm air you need during the heating season.

Reach Out to CM Heating HVAC Professionals for Your AC Tune Up

Has your air conditioning system received the AC tune up service it needs this year? If not, we recommend scheduling a tune up today with our team of maintenance and tune up specialists. Contact CM Heating to schedule that visit and ensure your home’s comfort today!

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