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How AC Repair Reduces Energy Consumption & Costs in Summer

CM Heating - FAQ | Staying Cool and Green_ How AC Repair Helps Reduce Energy Consumption in Summer

Are you interested in enjoying a comfortable, cool summer in your home while not having to shell out your hard-earned money on high energy bills? Many of us have this concern when the hot summer temperatures are raging outside. 

Your energy bills are impacted by a variety of factors that also focus on the usage and condition of your air conditioning system. In this blog, we will emphasize the importance of a timely repair and how that can impact your energy consumption. 

Can prolonged AC repairs make your energy bills skyrocket? Read on to find out from Everett’s heating and cooling repair specialists. 

How AC Repair Impacts Energy Usage

Because most air conditioning systems are quite large, their impact on energy consumption is significant. Any issue within its components can lead to extremely high bills because neglected repairs cost the unit to work harder than normal to create those comfortable temperatures for us in the home.

Here are the common reasons for high energy bills over the summer months:

  • Increased air conditioning usage
  • Inefficient, cooling systems
  • Poor insulation
  • Air leaks in drafts
  • Higher than usual outdoor temperatures
  • Increased humidity levels
  • Increased use of other electrical appliances, especially during peak hours

Among all of these reasons for increased energy bills is the lack of repair for air conditioning units. When the AC is in good condition, your bills will be different. Check out the common benefits of timely AC repairs and how they can enhance your energy consumption at home.

Enhanced System Efficiency

With the help of an Everett heating and cooling technician, your unit will be able to achieve enhanced system efficiency levels. Over time, air conditioning systems can experience wear and tear, resulting in decreased efficiency. Faulty components, refrigerant leaks, or clogged filters, constrain the system, making it work harder to achieve the desired cooling temperatures. When your AC repair technician arrives at the scene, they will inspect and address these issues, optimizing the systems, and performance, and reducing energy consumption.

Proper Refrigerant Levels 

One of the most important components of any air conditioning system is its refrigerant fluid. This is a special fluid that is in the cooling of the temperatures. Insufficient refrigerant levels due to leaks. This can cause a system to work harder and consume more energy, resulting in higher bills and poor system performance. When these leaks are repaired, your AC is able to function properly and efficiently, reducing energy waste.

Cleaning and Maintenance

When air conditioning coils and filters get overwhelmed with dust and debris, their function decreases and will impact the energy efficiency levels of the AC unit. Additionally, dirty AC parts also hurt the indoor air quality of the home. When Everett heating and cooling technicians take the time to clean out these parts, they contribute to optimal energy, and efficiency levels, and help keep those bills at a minimum. Plus, you will get to take advantage of clean air and a long-lasting AC unit.

Thermostat Calibration

Thermostats are responsible for regulating the temperatures produced by the air conditioning unit. If the thermostat is not properly calibrated, it will impact the efficiency levels of its cooling abilities. You will experience temperature inconsistencies and find that the AC has to run longer than usual to help keep you comfortable at home. During AC repair, technicians can calibrate the thermostat to ensure accurate temperature readings and better energy management.

Here are some signs that your thermostat may need to be calibrated:

  • Temperature variations between what you set on the thermostat and what is actually produced by the AC. 
  • Inaccurate readings on the thermostat
  • Constant cycling
  • Uneven cooling
  • Drastic temperature swings
  • Thermostat age or recent installation 

Timely Repairs and Prevention

Addressing AC problems promptly is essential to prevent them from escalating into larger, more expensive issues. Regular maintenance and timely repairs help identify and resolve minor issues before they lead to system breakdowns. By keeping your AC in good working condition, you can prevent energy inefficiencies and the need for excessive energy consumption.

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