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Why Should I Consider a Heat Pump for My Home?

CM Heating - Why Should I Consider a Heat Pump for My Home

With the advancement of science and technology, the HVAC industry continues to make strides in creating a comfortable, warm and safe environment for many people’s homes. In recent years, many scientific discoveries and developments have improved heating and cooling tools. Heat pumps have become increasingly popular among our clients as a means of heating and cooling their homes and buildings. In this article, we will explore the five benefits of using a heat pump installation and why many homeowners are upgrading to this system. 

Heating and Cooling in One System

Using a heat pump system, you can heat and cool your home simultaneously. In most cases, furnaces and hot water boilers can only heat a home, so you will need to buy a separate AC unit to cool it. Put together, the costs of installing, maintaining, and repairing furnaces and AC units are fairly significant. So much so that it may be worth investigating using a heat pump system as an alternative way to provide the same comfort to your home.

Heat Pumps are Cost Effective in the Long Run 

Though a heat pump installation has a higher price tag, over the long run. It is a more cost-effective option when compared to furnaces and boilers. Many homeowners enjoy using heat pumps because they provide optimal energy efficiency levels. They use the energy extracted directly from the earth to provide your home with the temperatures you need. As a result, you will not be paying extra for electricity or gas when cooling or heating your home.

Many homeowners have seen almost 50% savings in energy costs after upgrading to a heat pump installation. These improved energy costs will help you save money in the long run and also add great value to your home.

Heat Pumps Create Less Noise

Furnaces make a lot of noise, especially when they are in disrepair. The minimal noise of heat pump systems makes them an attractive option for those homeowners who love to preserve their peace. 

The majority of the system is hidden underground and insulated to eliminate any noise. Combining these two features can result in a more comfortable and pleasant home that can be heated and cooled with minimal noise.

Environmentally Friendly 

The number of harmful emissions released by heat pumps and furnaces differs greatly in comparison. Since heat pumps are not powered by gas or electricity, they are not susceptible to gas leaks that can pose a great risk to everyone in and around the home. Alternatively, furnaces often run on gas, and certain parts in disrepair can lead to leaks. This can create a hazardous environment in the home. 

Furthermore, furnaces put out emissions into the air that aren’t always the best for our ecosystem. The energy expenditure of using a furnace or water boiler also makes a carbon footprint that will impact many generations to come. However, heat pumps are powered on fossil fuels and other natural resources that do not produce those same harmful emissions.  Because of this, many homeowners opt for a heat pump installation.  

Less Maintenance

There is also very little maintenance required for heat pumps. Most of the maintenance includes a whole system check that the homeowner can perform himself. On the other hand furnaces and boilers require more maintenance even though their lifespan isn’t nearly as long as the heat pumps. Both furnaces and hot water boilers require a professional tune-up to be done by a plumber at least once a year. A maintenance check for these units ensures that all the components are adjusted correctly and they are working in the most optimal condition possible.

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