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How to Stay Cool Without Using an AC This Summer

CM Heating - How to Stay Cool Without Using an AC This Summer

With the summer in full swing in Marysville, WA, the desire to crank up the air conditioning unit is higher than ever before. The warmer days just propel us forward to seek refuge in our homes from the sweltering temperatures that few Washingtonians are accustomed to in this region. However, the painful realization of this increased AC usage is quickly discovered when the energy bills come and are much higher than normal. For this reason, it is important to give the AC a break and seek other ways that will help you stay cool. As the top air conditioner repair techs in Marysville, we will highlight some of the ways you keep your AC usage to a minimum and answer some common questions about air conditioners. 

Keep Your AC Bill to a Minimum By…

Look, we get it; nobody wants to spend exorbitant sums of money on bills especially in the summer. After all, that money can be put to good use in other capacities. If you try one of the following options, you may be able to stay cool without spending money on air conditioning. 

Covering Your Windows

Start by covering your windows with shutters or even a nice set of blackout curtains. This will help block out the sun’s hot rays and prevent the heat from entering the home. 

Use Your Fans

Fans are also a great way to keep your home feeling cooler during the summer months. Though they do not cool the air, the air circulation they provide helps keep the mugginess and stuffiness to a minimum. Plus, they create a gentle breeze that will help keep you comfortable at home. 

Ventilate Your Home

Most air conditioning repair techs in Marysville will also be quick to recommend regular ventilation of your home to ensure that it is consistently receiving fresh air. This air will waft throughout the home and allow you to breathe easier and feel cooler. 

Use Lighter Bedding

When it is hot outside, we also recommend opting for lighter bedding. Switch out the heavy quilts and down comforters for light quilts. Also, use breathable materials for your sheets like cotton and linen. With these small changes, you will feel far less hot in the bed and will be way more comfortable at night. 

Minimize the Use of Heat Sources

The summer is not the time to experiment with long baking projects that will require you to use the oven for hours on end. We recommend minimizing the use of those heat sources like stoves and ovens. Instead, consider trying an air fryer or Instant Pot which uses far less heat and will help you stay cool during those hot summer days. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Staying Cooling in the Summer

As the top air conditioner repair service in Marysville, we frequently get questioned about various ways of staying cool without wearing out the AC. Here are three of these questions and their answers. 

Does putting ice in a fan work?

This trick works well, but not for long. As the ice melts, it will absorb the heat and mingle with the gentle breeze created by the fans. This will create a bit of a cooling sensation and may even bring down the temperatures slightly. However, the cooling effect will wear out as soon as the ice melts completely. 

Why do I get too hot at night?

Getting too hot at night can be explained by a variety of factors. Though the lack of AC may very well be one of the problems, your body’s circadian rhythm may also be at play. It is normally for body temperatures to rise as your metabolism works during the night. Therefore, though it may seem just something dealt to you by fate, adopting some of our tips above during the night, you may find yourself feeling far more comfortable as your rest. 

Why is my house hot even though the AC is working all day? 

If it seems like your AC is constantly running without actually improving the indoor temperatures, there may be a problem with the AC itself. Warm or inconsistent temperatures are caused by: 

  • Dirty air filters
  • Restricted ductwork
  • Low refrigerant fluid
  • Worn out blower bearings

Top Air Conditioner Repair in Marysville

Are you in need of more ideas for how to stay cool this summer without breaking the bank? Or perhaps you just need help fixing the problem that is preventing you from using the AC to its maximum? Regardless of the issue, CM Heating is always on your side. Contact us today for the best repair services in town.

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