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How to Afford Heating and Air Conditioning Installation

Home upgrades, regardless of their type, can be pretty expensive. If you’ve been a homeowner for any length of time, you’ve probably already seen how much the smallest of upgrades can cost. So when it comes to upgrading any portion of the HVAC system, many homeowners become discouraged because not everyone can afford to spend thousands of dollars at once on air conditioning installation services in Bellingham. 

At CM Heating, we pride ourselves on providing various rebate and financing options to make HVAC installations accessible to everyone. Below, our financing team explains affording an HVAC installation can be possible for you. 

PSE Heat Pump Rebate

Did you know that Puget Sound Energy offers rebates for heat pump heating installations? This is mainly because heat pumps are far more energy efficient than any other heating system on the market. Energy efficiency is good for the environment, and in order to promote environmentally-friendly choices, the local energy authority incentivizes these “green” upgrades. Below, we have broken down the available rebates according to the type of heat pump you choose. Depending on the heat pump you install, you can save some money after receiving the rebate. 

Ductless or Air Source Heat Pump 

If your heating system is powered by electricity, consider upgrading to a new ductless heating pump. When you do that, you will qualify for an $800 PSE heat pump rebate if it meets the basic standards. The equipment in question must be brand new, AHRI Certified, and compliant with all federal, state, and local code requirements. 

Electric Forced-Air Furnace to Air-Source Heat Pump Conversion

When you replace your electric forced-air furnace with an air-source heat pump, you can qualify to receive a $1,500 PSE heat pump rebate. This rebate is available for both duct and ductless air-source heat pump conversion. The caveat here is that the equipment you install must be new and the pump must be for heating in addition to air conditioning. 

Forced-Air Furnace Rebate

Natural gas is very environmentally friendly and is one of the best fuel sources to keep your home warm and cozy. If you choose to install an air source heat pump, you can qualify to receive $700 back from Puget Sound Energy on the total of your installation fees. 

Financing Options for HVAC Installations

In addition to the available rebates, CM Heating also offers financing options for your heat pump and air conditioning installation services in Bellingham. We live in tough economical times in this post-pandemic world and at CM Heating, we want to make installations possible for all. By taking advantage of one of the following options, HVAC installation will be an affordable and financially feasible project. 

GreenSky Financing Options

The first institution that we partnered with to offer affordable air conditioning installation services in Bellingham is GreenSky, which is a subsidiary of Goldman Sachs Company. Upon credit approval, customers have the opportunity to split the cost of their installation services under the following two scenarios: 

  • Monthly payments split between 84 months at a fixed APR of 9.99%
  • Monthly payments split between 120 months at a fixed APR of 9.99%

There is also a promotional loan available to those who qualify and this loan will allow you to not make any payments or accrue interest for the first 12 months since the purchase. 

Wells Fargo Home Project Credit Card

Through Wells Fargo, customers also get the chance to take out a line of credit to finance their air conditioning installation services in Bellingham. The benefit of this credit card is that you can use it for multiple projects, as long as the balance is being paid down. The payment schedule will be arranged on a monthly schedule that would fit your budget needs. 

Puget Sound Cooperative Credit Union

Lastly, we also partnered with Puget Sound Cooperative Credit Union to offer you Energy-Smart Loans for installations of heating and air conditioning equipment that is energy efficient. With this loan, you can qualify for a loan that will help improve the energy efficiency of your home’s equipment. 

Bellingham Air Conditioning Installation Service

Are you considering your financing options for your HVAC installation projects?

Contact CM Heating today to learn more about the services available to you and how you can qualify for them.


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