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All You Need to Know About Boilers

CM Heating - All You Need to Know About Boilers

If you’re currently shopping around for a heating system, you’ve probably already come across multiple heating systems you know nothing about. That’s totally normal because we at CM Heating are here to share our expert knowledge on the subject. As you research all the heating systems, you will come across boilers. This article will discuss what boilers are, how they compare to furnaces, and what repairs to expect with a boiler. 

What is a Boiler?

A boiler is a tall, cylinder-shaped device that is normally found in the corner of a garage or a dedicated closet inside the home. The function of this device is to provide hot water or steam to heat the entire home. Many boilers are also built with a dual function that heats the water you use for showering, laundering, washing dishes, and other chores. Most homeowners love boilers because they heat water on demand, providing as much as necessary for household needs. 

Types of Boilers

Aside from asking questions like “what is a boiler,” most people also want to know about the types of boilers. Boilers come in various sizes, fuel types, and efficiency. Below are the most common boilers on the market today: 

  • Hot Water
  • Gas
  • Electric
  • Oil 
  • Condensing

The type of boiler you use in your home will depend on the fuel source available in your area and the type that is wired into your home. During a furnace or boiler replacement, the technician would generally provide you with the heating system that matched the previous one’s fuel type. 

Are Boilers Better Than Furnaces?

So as you dive deeper into your research on all the heating systems available, you will most likely come across the boiler versus furnace debate. Which heating system is better for your home? 

Boilers are normally more expensive to install across many regions of the country, including Mount Vernon. Both options have a similar lifespan of about 15-20 years, depending on the quality of their maintenance

However, furnaces do not have some of the issues that boilers have in terms of water leaks and the risk of freezing during power outages. 

Common Boiler Repairs

Another question to ask after researching everything about what a boiler is, many homeowners are interested in the long-term issues they would face with this type of heating system. Below is a brief breakdown of the most common repairs to expect with a boiler. 


If you have a water boiler, leaks are the most common concern. They usually occur when a boiler is older. When you see this happening, it is essential to notify a boiler repair technician to ensure that it is resolved. Prolonged leaks are expensive and can lead to early corrosion of the boiler. 


Water boilers also tend to develop corrosion on certain parts. When this happens, a boiler replacement technician can replace those corroded parts. However, if the corrosion isn’t addressed promptly, you may have to replace the entire boiler. 

Broken Circulator Pump

The circulator pump is in charge of sending warm water throughout the house. If this pump is broken, you will end up in a cold house. This issue would have to be investigated by a heating repair technician, which is a reasonably easy fix. 

Burnt-Out Heating Element

If you have an electric boiler, it might develop an issue with one of its heating elements. When this happens, the temperature of your water will decrease. As a result, you won’t get the heat you need for your home, and the shower will be less pleasant. 

Water Pressure Issues

Sometimes boilers tend to overheat, and as a result, their water pressure will increase. This isn’t always optimal and can cause extensive damage to the unit. Contact a repair tech for an assistant if you notice this increased water pressure coupled with a rumbling noise in the boiler. 

Boiler Replacement Near Me 

Are you contemplating replacing the boiler in your home? Whether you need a new boiler or are in need of repairs, CM Heating is available to provide you with the services your home requires. Contact CM Heating to schedule a new installation or replacement today.


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