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Mini Split Installation in
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If your living space doesn’t have a full HVAC system or you’re looking for a more cost-effective solution, consider having a ductless AC system installed. As you explore the benefits of this type of AC unit and learn how easy it is to prepare for installation, you will see why more people are opting for a mini split system.

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What Are the Benefits of a Reliable Ductless AC System?

As previously mentioned, a mini split cooling system is more cost-effective than other options in Lynnwood, WA. That’s not the only benefit of this system and, as you explore the other reasons to get a mini split, you’ll find that several benefits contribute to its cost-efficiency.
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More Energy Efficient

When shopping for a mini split system in Lynnwood, WA, one of the things you will want to check is the SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio). A higher number means the unit is more energy efficient. You should look for models that are as close to 30 as possible since 30 is considered the optimal SEER number.

Mini Split Installation in Lynnwood, WA
Resistant to Ambient Temperature

In a normal HVAC system, the condenser unit is located outside the home and is affected by the ambient temperature. This means your AC system will freeze up when the outdoor temperature drops too low. Since the mini split system is self-contained, you won’t face this problem. You’ll be able to keep your home cooler, regardless of the outdoor temperature.

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Cool Any Living Space

When most people think about scheduling a ductless AC installation in Lynnwood, WA, they only consider a smaller unit that will cool a bedroom or den. In fact, there are mini split systems of every size, and you can find one that’s capable of cooling a full home. A strategically placed mini split can help keep your living space cool for less money than other air conditioning options.

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Cool Your Home without Ducts

When you use an HVAC system that pushes the treated air through ducts, you’ll have additional concerns in caring for the system. Ducts can become damaged over time or develop blockages that impede airflow. This forces the system to work harder and use more energy to provide the same level of climate control. With a mini split system, these issues won’t be a concern in your Lynnwood, WA, home.

How to Prepare for a Mini Split Installation in Lynnwood, WA

When you schedule a ductless AC installation for your home, you won’t have to prepare for an extensive project. However, there are some steps you’ll need to take in advance to help your HVAC technician complete the installation more easily.
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Choose Your Location

The first thing to consider is the location for your new mini split installation. The location you choose will affect the cooling efficiency of the unit. You’ll want to use a place that offers the best airflow, so avoid locations in which partitions, furnishings, and wall divisions will block the air.

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Clear the Area

You’ll want to give your technician the space they need to work unencumbered, so you might want to move furnishings, house plants, and other decor out of the way. Keep the area clear of valuables to avoid accidents that could damage those items. You can move everything back into place once the installation is complete.

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Eliminate Distractions

Your technician won’t want to be distracted as they install your new, reliable mini split system, so try to keep distractions to a minimum. If you own pets, keep your animals out of that part of the home. You should also keep small children occupied since they may injure themselves if they play near the technician’s equipment.

You may find it easier to find a boarding facility for your pets. You can also schedule a playdate for your children. This can help the installation go more smoothly. Since the installation will only take a short time, you can bring your pets and children home in a few hours.

Learn More About Mini Split Installation in Lynnwood, WA

You can learn more about mini split air conditioners or schedule the best ductless AC installation for your home by Calling CM Heating today. We can help you choose the best model for your home or service the unit you already own.

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