CM Heating Inc. has been providing quality service in residential heating and air conditioning since 1983 in the Snohomish and North King County areas. We are dedicated to delivering a high quality product with excellent customer satisfaction. We service and install a variety of products to meet your needs.

Peace and quiet... and the comfort of knowing your home's heating and cooling systems are dependable. CM Heating Inc. can assure you that your home system is performing efficiently and dependably, giving you peace of mind and allowing you to relax and enjoy the comfort of your home.

We are a versatile company, which means we can handle just about anything having to do with heating and cooling. We have held strong while other companies came and went because we take pride in our work and take responsibility for the satisfaction of our customers. Whether you are replacing existing equipment or converting to a new system, we will work with you to provide just the right system for your home. Our trained technicians provide fast, dependable service for both repairs and installations. Call us at (425) 259-0550 or (425) 771-4381.

  • Fast, Dependable Service, Repairs & Installation
  • Superb Customer Service
  • Evening & Weekend Service Available
  • Financing Available
  • Free Estimates
  • Providing Heating & Cooling Solutions For You Since 1983
  • We Service All Makes & Models
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We are the experts. The interactive map below shows our recent installations. Go ahead - take a look and see how many of our recent customers are in your neighborhood.

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