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No Heat in Bothell, Washington

Furnaces can be intimidating especially when they're not working. However there might be a silver lining to this stressful situation: roughly a quarter of all service calls can be resolved with easy fixes that are simple and inexpensive.

At C.M. Heating we help homeowners like you in Bothell, WA all the time with their heating systems. From simply offering advise, to complete system replacement, we have the knowledge and experience to help you resolve the challenges your heating system is presenting in the best possible way.

Technician performed a diagnostic on a gas furnace. GF Diag- Upon investigation, furnace has error code 59 (blocked drain line). Found line that leads out of condensate trap holding water and not draining out correctly. There is no downslope in the line. Condensate line needs to be corrected.

Bothell, WA

Customer stated that their furnace, which was installed in 2004 was no longer producing heat and found a fried circuit board. Upon arrival, the technician found a shorted control board. Board shorted and started a small electrical fire inside furnace which damaged Molex plug for inducer. Control board will need to be replaced along with wiring harness. Based on age, Condition and cost of current repairs and future repairs we recommended replacing unit. We provided an estimate for both repairs and replacement.

Bothell, WA

Performed 1 of 2 heat and cool maintenance tested all components sensors amp draws and meter reading cleaned vacuumed and hand wiped furnace inside and out cleaned burners. Found Honeywell EAC not working. Let homeowner know and are office is supposed to call and email him a replacement for a new power supply and new replacement cells. I added anti mold build up capsule in condensation pump and replace t stat batteries and out door wireless sensor with new lithium ion batteries. All operations normal at this time.

Bothell, WA

Technician performed a diagnostic on a gas furnace. System had no issue turning off. I inspected the furnace and did not find anything wrong with unit. I adjusted the schedule on the thermostat to reflect the customer's needs.

Bothell, WA